Happy birthday to Brew (Dog)

Bierebelle does not feel too good. What happened yesterday? Ah yes that would be the illustrious Brewdog’s fifth birthday party at their Camden bar where they had a total tap takeover featuring over 19 of their beers! I can’t even remember how many of those I tried but I think by the state of my […]

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The true meaning of Christmas

Since I’ve taken the day off to wait for parcels/finish building my new bike, I thought I’d have a much-needed clearout of the beer-bottles I’ve been keeping in my kitchen for goodness knows what reason. Besides, I’ve gotta make some room for the massive Brewdog order I have coming (excited much)! I know I’ve mentioned […]

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First of the batch

So I meant to continue the beery tour up North on the blog today, but that ain’t gonna happen just yet. As a reward for actually doing some housework today, I was allowed to head up to Bitter Virtue for a tasty beer. In an effort to be less biased to Northern beers (which by […]

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Bristol Winterlude

Some readers unlucky enough to not have any trips to York or Sheffield planned (more fool you!) may be pleased to know that this is a little interlude from that particular tale. As you may be aware, I am particuarly partial to darker styles and in my humble opinion Bristol Beer Factory make a fine […]

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