CafΓ© au Lait?

Through this blog you will come to know that as well as beer, I am also a massive fan of coffee so when you put the two together, I’m a very happy girl. On the South Coast, we are very fortunate to have our own experts in this heavenly partnership, Dark Star. Their Espresso remains […]

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Black & Blue

So just thought I’d do a little review of this rather lovely porter from Atlantic ( who I had actually never heard of before their beers started to appear in Bitter Virtue, my beloved local beer store. Atlantic are based in Newquay in Cornwall and boast some impressive green credentials. The whole operation is a […]

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Reassuringly expensive?

Not long ago, I became aware of some rather interesting reports from accross the Atlantic. Reports of a covert operation going on at Brooklyn Brewery under the code name ‘Black Ops.’ Apparently, they had been creating a lucious Russian black stout each year, but when questioned they denied all knowledge. Still, the reports kept coming […]

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What I drank on my holidays…

So, as promised, I’m going to tell you about some of the delicious Christmas (and general wintery) beers I tried. I’ll try not to go on so I’ll only tell you about a few sessions. As you know already, the Bierebelle Christmas deliciousness award already went to Gourdon Carolus Christmas! In fact, since this was […]

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