On the train again…

Earlier this week, I took a little trip to Bristol to have a look around the Bristol Beer Factory. As is now the tradition, we began our train journey with a lovely coffee, this time courtesy of Sweedish brewers Nils Oscar. Opening their Coffee Stout (6%ABV), I knewΒ it was the right decision for a morning […]

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Classic Twoo!

The blog posts haven’t been that regular of late since I’ve been working on the home brew which is going pretty well. It’s mainly been the OH getting all the details right and doing the precision work so I’ve been more of a ‘creative guide.’ Seriously, if you want to understand beer, get brewing. Don’t […]

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Yo ho hop

  Bierebelle has a new brewery to add to the list of favorites.OK, the label might not be terribly glamorous but my goodness they make an amazing IPA. I’m talking about Arbor Ales, yet another exceptional Bristol brewery. I was hooked the moment I tried the Yakima Valley IPA. Looking at the list on Rate […]

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Bristol barbeque time!

After our beery afternoon at the Volunteer Arms, we headed over to Cotham in search of food and more beer. The last time the OH had been to Bristol, he had stumbled upon a rather excellent little off-licence stocking some of the finest beer of the region. Corks of Cotham looks from the outside like […]

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