Anyone got a spare rib?

If you’ve been reading my blog since last year, you may be aware of the annual celebration of all things Barbecue that is Grillstock, Bristol – I go on about it enough. What makes me go back each year? Do I go for the beer? Although you don’t generally go to Grillstock for the beer, […]

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Street drinking with style

As you may have noticed if you read my post about my most recent beery adventure, I did have more than a few amazing beers at the Copenhagen Beer Celebration¬†but during my time in Copenhagen I was pretty spoiled with the two Mikkeller bars in the city. The day after the festival was an extra […]

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Sour coffee to start the day!

So you know when you go to a beer festival and get a little inebriated and buy a t-shirt? Yeah I ended up leaving the Copenhagen Beer Celebration with a t-shirt of a beer I hadn’t actually ever tried, Spontankoppi, based on the fact that the picture was pretty cute and the assumption that I […]

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Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2013

Last week I fulfilled a dream of many beer geeks and jetted across to Copenhagen, Denmark for the second edition of the¬†Copenhagen Beer Celebration hosted by the esteemed ‘gypsy’ brewer himself, Mikkeller. This was a rare opportunity to sample beers from a wide selection of the best breweries in the world today. Our tickets were […]

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12 Stouts of Christmas

So it’s May and I’ve¬†finally¬†finished my 12 Stouts of Christmas from Bristol Beer Factory¬†which means my reviews are complete! I’ve been treating myself to a bottle every now and then and writing a little review so sorry if some of it doesn’t make chronological sense! The more observant¬†among¬†you might also note that there isn’t actually […]

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Anything to declare…?

It’s been two days since I returned from Copenhagen and it’s been hard making the adjustment back to regular life which sadly does not involve a steady intake of hotdogs,beer and sunshine.Thank goodness it’s Grillstock Bristol tomorrow! Another weekend of great beer, awesome food and the possibility of sunshine (although more likely rain). Just to […]

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Welcome to the sunny Saison

Yay! It’s Thursday evening and the weekend starts here! I’m super-excited as I’ll be spending tomorrow around the fabulous pubs of London town before jetting off to Copenhagen to party with Mikkeller & Co. at the CBC. I have a feeling that my poor old liver might be in for a bit of a workout […]

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