Bierebelle lives on the South Coast of England but is a Yorkshire girl at heart. She spends a lot of time on her bicycle and lives by the motto ‘Drink Beer, Ride Bikes, Get Awesome.’ As an ex-CAMRA member, she is a firm believer that beer culture should be inclusive, adventurous and fun and hopes to inspire you to get out and explore and find the awesome places and beers that you deserve!




  1. Kaila · June 5, 2015

    Hi Bierebelle,

    Just thought I’d drop by and let you know that I’m hosting a massive giveaway as part of my site launch. As a fellow beer blogger and craft beer lover, I just wanted to give you a heads up about the site launch and giveaway.

    You may want to feature it on your blog or simply share it on facebook or twitter. Just thought you & your readers might enjoy it!

    Keep up the awesome work at


  2. Richard Baker · June 5, 2015

    Like the blog.

    I’ve just opened a craft brewery near Lymington having previously run a larger operation up in Lancashire….I’m celebrating National Beer Day on the 15th June and wondered if you might like to join us for free tastings (I can even put a sparkler on the beer engine if you like!).

    6.15pm – 9pm on Monday 15th if you can make it…..if not, at least could you tell all your friends?

    Oh yes – it is The Dancing Cows Brewery – Sadlers Farm, Lower Pennington Lane, Lymington, SO41 8AL

    Richard Baker

    • bierebelle · June 6, 2015

      That sounds awesome! Looking forward to trying some of your beer. Unfortunately I won’t be able to get there but I’ll tell the beery people I know at work. Good luck!

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