Bierebelle on a bike

Hello and welcome to my new-look blog! You’ll notice I am no longer simply ‘Bierebelle’ but ‘Bierebelle…on a bike.’ Following in the tire prints of the lovely chappies at Hop On The Bike, I have decided to combine my love for beer and bicycles and take my blog in a whole new direction.

At the time I started writing as Bierebelle I was relatively new to the world of beer. I was dazzled by the enormous and never-ending variety and wanted to write about every beer I laid my paws on but it eventually became a bit of a chore. Being completely spoilt by having one of the greatest off-licences in the world, Bitter Virtue, round the corner and a partner who frequently travels for work to some of the great beery cities of Europe, I seldom drink the same beer twice anymore. The beer scene is more exciting and vibrant today than it ever has been so, whilst I might drink a vast variety, the majority of what I drink is of a high standard. Yet despite my love of beer I was loosing motivation to write about it. But I’m a girl who loves to write. What do I have to share?

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you’ll know that beer isn’t my only love beginning with a ‘b;’ I also spend a hell of a lot of time on a bicycle and why not? Beer and bicycles are two of the best things ever; through both of these interests I’ve met so many awesome people and been on so many adventures. There’s so much more to come so I don’t think I’m done with this blog just yet. Will there be beer? Helles yeah! Will there be bikes? Definitely! Will I be sharing awesome adventures? You can count on it!


OK not beer and not a bike  (actually it's spinning class at the gym - you get the idea!)

OK not beer and not a bike (actually it’s spinning class at the gym – you get the idea!)

One comment

  1. Ross Chapman (@rosschapman) · February 19, 2015

    Yay! Welcome back Bierebelle! Look forward to stories of riding, roads and ruddy good times!

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